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Definition is a local dance company under the banner of Theatrix Theatre and Dance Company based in Douglas, Isle of Man. Definition is a performing dance group and work towards performing in a number of shows per year including a number of impromptu performances as opportunities arise; however if performing is not for you then you can still come and join in for fun and take some new moves to the dance floor and impress your friends on a night out.

Please explore the website to discover what Definition is about, find out what classes are available and get in touch if you're interested.


Definition - Re-Defining Hip Hop in the Isle of Man!


Latest News

31st July 2012: Another month has gone by and we have been very busy as usual. The Street Dance Battle which took place on the 14th July in the local shopping centre went very well with Definition winning a few of the solo battles, a huge well done to everyone that took part and we are looking forward to the next one very soon.

This term has been up and down due to us having to move from our old to our new premises, there was a slight delay in finding a new place so thank you to everyone for their patience during this time.

Definition have now finished for the summer holidays with the Juniors, however the Adults classes will continue as usual. So let's hope that the weather starts to get sunny and we all have a great summer before we start back in September.

June 2012: Definition Dance Company are pleased to announce that we have moved premises, we have been busy arranging where we can be based and are pleased to announce that two good venues have been secured to teach our students. Full details are available on the Classes page.

The adults do not have anything in the pipeline at the moment so they are making the most of it and although learning a fresh routine they are also repeating old routines so they are not forgotten, we believe that because of all the work that our dancers put into each routine it's good to keep them fresh in our mind.

Our Juniors are still focusing and working hard on the Street Dance Battle which takes place on the 14th July. The different structure of a dance battle compared to a stage show will be good to build confidence in their performing ability. The intimacy of the dance battle will highlight their talent and will hopefully enable us to succeed through the dance battle.

Definition Dance Company is still available for hen parties, would you and your fellow hens like to learn a fun routine for the big day and show off to all of your friends? If so, click on contact and get in touch to make some arrangements.

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April 2012: Definition Dance Company has been very busy over these past couple of months with the rehearsals and show of 'A Pocket Full Of Stars'. The show went well and a lot of money was raised for the Manx Adoption Society, many thanks to everyone that was involved.

Definition Dance Company always has something to work towards, this constant focus gives students an aim, the drive to work hard and to be better after every rehearsal. Later this year we will be competing against other dance groups and solo dancers on the Island, all fighting for the chance to win one of the many prizes up for grabs. We are all very excited to be a part of this event, not only because it will be a good experience for all that are involved but we are taking hip hop dancing back to where it belongs, the streets!! Hip hop dancing, breaking, popping and locking are just a few of the styles of dance that will be on display at the battle so it is a priority for Definition to meet the standard of what will be expected.

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Definition Dance Company has expanded it's clothing range, you can now purchase baseball caps, vest tops, t shirts and hoodies. Please use the Clothing Order link on the right hand menu.

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